Jetzt wissen wir weshalb Mörder einen NOBEL-Preis bekommen

Wide Awake Gentile

nobelAlfred Nobel

BRANOBEL(The Petroleum Production Company Nobel Brothers, Limited), was an oil company set up by Ludvig Nobel and Baron Peter von Bilderling, in Baku, Azerbaijan and Cheleken, Turkmenistan. Originally established by Robert Nobel (who contributed 25,000 rubles) and the investments of barons Peter von Bilderling (300,000 rubles) and Standertskjöld (150,000 rubles) as a distillery in 1876, it became, during the late 19th century, one of the largest oil companies in the world.

alfonse rothschildAlphonse  Rothschild

BNITO , or the Caspian and Black Sea Oil Company, was an oil business founded in 1883 by  Alphonse Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family of France.

STANDARD OIL was the Massive Monopoly formed by Rockfeller and his associates

In the middle of the 1880s, the battle for power over the world’s oil markets between first and foremost, Branobel, the American Standard Oil and the French  Rothschilds‘ company, BNITO, got tougher. Agreements and treachery…

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